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Bloggers and writers are invited to submit to the Write for Us project. Only original content is accepted. This is verified by Copyscape and basing on your experiences as an experienced professional.

Contact us using the email address or phone to obtain an immediate guest post list within America. USA

Write for us Tech Web Site:-

https://www.codeplayon.com/ Only Tech Accepted 1M Trafic 

https://www.techplayon.com/ Only Tech Accepted 100k Trafic

Price:- 15$

Create for us other website :

https://gopostbox.com/ General

https://newsmozi.com/ All Type

http://www.weedsdmagazine.com/ AllType

http://www.thescotusblog.com/ General Post Accepted

Email id:- telcosought@gmail.com

Be sure to follow the rules when you post guest blog posts.

  • The only content we will allow is HTML0. accept content composed by a writer in English.
  • Create content on subjects that are popular, and possibly most important the content that you , as readers, would want to go through. Your article must be able to justify the name of your piece.
  • Subheadings are a great way to help readers get the information flowing easily. You should take into consideration using it.
  • The content should be of the highest quality. Be sure that your content is engaging from the beginning, so that your readers will enjoy exploring the entire array.
  • The text should not be less that 500 words. Do not attempt to extend the length of your article to go over the word count, as there must be a guiding idea to the content.
  • Spelling and grammar needs to be thoroughly checked prior to sending out submissions.
  • It is essential to ensure that readers can benefit out of your work.
  • The content must include additional content that makes the content appear striking in look, including quality videos, photos and infographics. You should also include a hyperlink to your business’s website or a specific page
  • It is crucial for you to provide an Author Bio, accompanied by a quality photos and a short description of your own personal qualities (minimum 100 characters) along with your company’s website address.

How to Submit Guest Post?

After reviewing the above guidelines , after you’ve completed the guidelines above, submit our guest blogs by using the form below. The blog you submit will be reviewed by the review following submission by you. We will then publish your blog once it is acknowledged according to the rules. The writer reserves the right to modify modifications to the design and style of the content to enhance user experience.

Categories of creating content for our website

We are currently providing guest posts on a variety of articles which are related to the industry. We are currently providing guest posts in these categories:

  • Featured
    • Fashion
    • Health
    • Information Technology
    • Music
    • Transport
  • Global Industry
    • Agriculture
    • Automotive
    • Construction
    • Education
    • Entertainment
  • Home Improvement
  • Investment
  • Market
  • Real Estate


  • A minimum number of words must be 500 words for an do-follow link.
  • The article must not be published in any other publication.
  • Include links to credit in your article(if suitable).
  • A concise first paragraph that clearly defines the topic.
  • Kurz phrases The sentence should be a minimum of twenty words.
  • Kurz paragraphs The paragraph should not be longer than 150 words.

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It is also possible to contact us via searching categoryor by searching for “Guest”post”:


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