Base Station Naming – 1G to 5G

Telecommunication generation has evolved from Wired System to Wireless System, 1G to 5G and GSM to New Radio. When we move from one “G” to  another “G”, the name of technology is getting changed like for 2G we had GSM, 4G we had LTE and now with 5G we have New Radio (NR), similarly the name of base station also changes  and listed below.

  • 1G it was known as Base Station (BS)
  • 2G changed name with Base Transceiver Station (BTS)
  • 3G remaned it  to NodeB
  • with 4G the name is changed to eNodeB as it was an “evolution” of 3G, so an it becomes “evolved” NodeB
  • and in last with 5G we got next generation NodeB, so given name as gNB

we also have en-gNB a version of NR gNB works with EN-DC feature within 5G architecture option 3, where the master is LTE eNB connected to EPC, and ng-eNB  a version of LTE eNB capable of being connected to 5G Core.

5G base station use a split architecture where gNB is split into CU and DU (centralized deployment of gNB) so we got gNB-DU and gNB-CU. Further split for control and user plane creates two more functions gNB-CUCP and gNB-CUUP.


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