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What’s New Interactive Calling with IMS Data Channel in 5G


With fast evolution of telecom network’s the CPSs together with the equipment suppliers always try to amaze the end customers. Voice and data (internet) evolution have been major examples of this. Like VoLTE introduced the HD voice codecs which gives better calling experience.

Now the question is what extra 5G and advance would offer for voice?

Answer is there are several areas where different standardization bodies (3GPP and GSMA) are working to evolve the voice experience.

One of them is “Interactive Calling”:

Interactive Calling

Use Cases:

The UE and the network must be able to establish a data channel session directly during session establishment and by adding data channel to a voice or video session by sending Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) (re-)INVITE request with a Session Description Protocol (SDP) offer that contains the data channel media descriptor in addition to the existing media descriptors. The UE must include the data channel media feature tag, as defined in 3GPP Release 16 TS 26.114.


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Article Submitted By: Vijay Sharma

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Vijay is a IMS, Virtualization testing professional. He have many years of experience in working with VoLTE, LTE, IMS node with major OEMs and ODMs  in various roles (Testing Engineer, Customer support, network dimensioning).  you may reach out him at LinkedIn:


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